Mini Lit Quiz

On Friday we spent the afternoon at Chantry Middle answering 50 questions about children’s books. We took three teams from Year 7 and 8 to challenge the best readers from our region.  They did excellently well, and we had a fabulous time talking about and thinking about books.  It was a good practice for the Kids Lit Quiz in November!


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Winter Drawing Competition

Well done to Sam from 8Ba for winning the Winter Drawing Competition.  His design will become the front cover of our book of writing, to be published by Scholastic during the Summer Term.  The book will be available to buy and I hope everyone will want to have a copy!


Sam Cater 1.jpg

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Peter J Murray Visits School

We were very lucky to have had Peter J Murray at our school last week.  He came to talk to us about his new book The Kruschmeister. He told us spooky tales, which left us wanting to read on and find out what happened next. The two little Victorian girl ghosts who played underneath his window, and the little boy ghost who seemed to get closer every time he looked away, have been in my mind ever since!

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Book Quotes

At Book Group we’ve been decorating our favourite book quotes.  Do you recognise any of them?  Does it make you want to read any of the books?


“She felt as if she was falling apart…something happened to me at the grimmer.  I have to know. I have to remember…”  Cuckoo Song by Frances Hardinge

“I need her just as much as she needs me.”  Dreaming the Bear by Mimi Thebo

“Consider yourself not ready, ill equipped, unprepared to mix with your fellows until you have spent 15 minutes in prayer.  Count it as much a social necessary as washing.”  D-Day.

“Being a pale doesn’t mean you have to give up, Jed.” Pale by Chris Wooding.

“So I have to find a mountain that nobody has ever seen?”  Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver

“There is more to life than living it behind a wall your entire life.”  Attack on Titan

“Every second counts.” Every Second Counts by Lance Armstrong


“The end of the w9orld is one of those things that you will never really expect to wind up being your problem…”

“Love puts itself first, and makes its own plans.”

“One mistake does not define you, you simply must act better next time.”

“Stop poking your nose where it doesn’t belong!”


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Winter Writing Competition

Well done to everyone who took part in the Winter Writing Competition.  The standard was very high and there were some fantastic poems and short stories.  It was very difficult to choose, but we chose 3 winners and one runner up from each year group.

Year 8

Nicola 8BD (poem)

Ben W 8Ba (story)

George  8Mc (story)

Special mention: Sam C 8Ba

Year 7

Alan  7Ca (poem)

Ellie M 7Ca(poem)

Max 7Wi (story)

Special mention: Lucy  (story) 7An

Year 6

James 6An (story)

John  6Wa (poem)

Ellen  (Story) 6An

Special mention: Amy Stephenson 6Ru

Year 5

Stella 5Sh (story)

Kaden  5He (poem)

Charlie 5He (Poem)

Special mention: James  5Sh (poem)

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Book Buzz

Book Buzz is a scheme where all Year 7 children can buy books at reduced prices, in order to encourage reading at a crucial stage of their education.  Lots of children have chosen and bought their books, and are now enjoying reading them, and talking about them.

These are the books they could choose from:


Find out more about Book Buzz here.


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Trip to Seven Stories

Seven Stories Thirty students from Year 5 went to a Michael Morpurgo writing workshop at Seven Stories in Newcastle. They had a fabulous time, wrote some very inventive stories and some heartfelt thank you letters to our fantastic guide Charlotte.

Here are some pictures of our day:


If you want to find out more about Michael Morpurgo, here are some of his books and links to some good resources.

Michael Morpurgo’s own website

Information from the Children’s Laureate website

Kids Konnect website

Literary Festivals website


This is just a very small selection: Michael Morpurgo has written more than 100 books!

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