Haiku Book Reviews of Goodnight Mr Tom

We’re working together to produce a book review in the form of a Haiku, a Tanka or in the form of a Tweet (i.e. 140 characters).  We aim to say both something interesting about the book and about what we think of it.  It’s a challenge!

Here are some Haikus we’ve written about “Goodnight Mr Tom” by Michelle Magorian:


A shocking story

About violence and abuse

To young William.

By Erin Yr 8


Willie was confused

Tom was disappointed

Rescuers were shocked.

By Dan Yr 8


Violent behaviour

Nervous petrified little boy

Emotional sights.

By Ellie Yr 8


Confused, mortified,

It was an intense moment

It was disturbing.

By Jazmyne Yr 8


Tom was mortified

Will was so devestated

Disturbed and confused.

By Caitlin Yr 8


Excitement rushing

Disappointment and sadness

Have pity on them.

By Daniel Yr 8


Emotional tale

Willie was nervous to leave

Violent old woman.

By Wannisa Yr 8


Mum’s abuse was intense

William was surprised at Mum

It was disturbing.

By Riley Yr 8


Tom was mortified

Also William was scared

When he saw needles.

By Ethan  Yr 8


Disturbing beatings

Someone should save Willie now!

Shocking violence.

By Connor Yr 8


Emotional plot

Nervous for leaving London

Violent Mrs Beech.

By William Yr 8


Shocking violence

Horrifying storyline

Disturbing beatings

By Daniel Yr 8


It was shocking

The sight was disturbing

I feel mortified.

By William Yr 8


Tom was  quite confused

Tom was confused and angry

Tom was very mortified.

By Daniel Yr 8


I am mortified

Tom was so devestated

Tom looked disgusted.

By Neve Yr 8


Entertaing book,

Will’s mum is terrifying,

He adores painting.

By Zac Yr 8


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