Character Descriptions

Frost Hollow Hall

Tilly in Frost Hollow Hall by Emma Caroll

Tilly is quite stand offish; I know this because she says to Will, “I don’t need help from you”. Nearer the end she becomes kinder and more considerate. She often looks smart and tends to look good whenever near Frost Hollow Hall. She has blond dark brown hair which she pins up in a bun in an attempt to look smart. Often she becomes moody and stubborn yet at the end she softens up a lot. She is also very funny, intelligent and curious. The three most important characters to her are Ma, Pa and Eliza (her sister). I know this because she was devastated when Eliza and Pa left. At the end she becomes a lot kinder; I know this from the words ‘watching her ladyship my own eyes filled up’. Tilly acts genuine and seems very realistic. I know this due to the words ‘Drat, I thought as she scribbled something down.’ She acts the same way to people as she thinks.
By Sarah Yr 7

Will Potter in Frost Hollow Hall by Emma Caroll

Will Potter is a young handsome boy who all the girls in the village are in love with – “Will Potter could have his pick of the girls”. He tries to win the affections of a young girl called Tilly but he is surprised to find out that she won’t be won over that easily. “Will Potter, Will blasted Potter. What the heck was he doing here?” is Tilly’s reaction when he comes to visit her. He also prides himself on being funny and charming but doubts himself when he meets Tily. He really likes Tilly and wants to help her discover the mystery but when it threatens his dad’s job, he has to think about him as well.

by Isabella Year 7


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