Book Quote Competition

The Book Fair is coming up (starting the week beginning 17th November) and as usual I am running a competition alongside it. This time I want you to find a quote from a children’s book and illustrate it. Your quotes and designs should be inventive, colourful and from interesting books. The best ones will be put onto canvas and displayed permanently in the library.

Please make sure your entry is:

A quote from a children’s book

Done in felt tip.

On an A4 sheet of paper.

And have a centimetre blank rim/frame around the edge so that the image can be stretched to fit the canvas.

The competition opens on Monday 10th November and will close on Friday November 21st.
The winner and runner up will receive £15 worth and £10 worth of books (respectively) from the Book Fair. The top 6 will be put on canvas.

Give your entries to your English teacher or to Mrs Haxell.

Good luck!


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