Northumberlandia Story Writing

Some children from Year 5 and Year 6 went to a writing workshop at Ponteland Public library.  The idea was to write about Northumberlandia and perhaps come up with a legend for how it might have got there.  They had an interesting time thinking about the setting for their stories.  They had a chance to finish them off in school, and some of the children entered them in the regional competition run through the public library.


Northumberlandia 2

Here are some of the stories the children wrote:


Standing on the highest hill of Northumberlandia, the strong winds were nearly blowing me off my feet. I could hear the thunder booming around me and every now and then, a giant fork of lightning would fiercely strike the ground. In the distance I could see beautiful fields of emerald green grass and pretty, little daisies. Birds were zooming past me like rockets. Beneath my feet there was hard rock that would gradually chip off and fall down the high hills of Nothumberlandia. A misty fog covers the landscape like a thick layer of soft, white marshmallow. A strange rumbling feeling occurred in the ground like an animal was trying to escape. Then a scary strike of lightning came bellowing down to earth and a spiral staircase appeared when the ground opened beneath me. I was speechless, I was gobsmacked, amazed.

As I stood there with my jaw dropped, there was only one thing to do, I carefully made my way down the staircase and at the bottom, I couldn’t believe my eyes. A woman lay still at the bottom of the pit in the same position as the bundle of hills up above. Was she Northumberlandia? Just then another bolt of lightning struck the ground and the mysterious figure woke up. At first I backed away, I was scared but then I asked her who she was and why she was here, there were so many questions that couldn’t be answered because she strangely rose up into the air any never came back.

I began to search through her things, precious stones, swords and everything, I grabbed as much as I could but the spiral staircase had already closed up, I was trapped! I wandered around in the darkness a few times trying my best not to worry but I couldn’t help myself. My heart was racing like a thousand drums and then I started crying but as much as I tried there was absolutely no way out! There wasn’t even any evidence of me being here, unless… Maybe another lightning bolt could strike, I became less worried. I sat on the cold, stone floor and thought. I thought about all the possible ways to get out. In the end I made a plan.



I stand silently on the soft, crunchy grass, as birds sing in the distance. My voice seems to echo, even if I whisper. Beautiful flowers crunch beneath my feet. I swirl round in circles and stare at the gentle clouds slightly covering up the sun. My heart thudded at the beautiful skyline, as the birds fly past my face in the space of a blink! All I hear in the distance is little kids feeding the ducks in the lake. Northumberlandia lies in the shape on her tummy with her hand and arms outwards. Her face is so soft, as soft as a blanket. As the day starts to come to an end, I wander around the place and Northumberlandia starts to say, with a soft, delicate voice, “Goodbye, I hope you have had a wonderful day!”







As I am standing on top of a huge mound of soft, green, silky grass, the delicate breeze brushing past my face. The golden sun blazing down on me as I stand still and admire the wonderful views in the distance; fields of fragranced flowers, think forests of trees huddling together almost like people trying to huddle together to keep warm! The scene is so peaceful and calm. There is a slight vibration under the ground as if Northumberlandia is rising from the dead. I could feel her next to me. She was saying “How are you? It is nice to meet you!” We had a lovely little chat. She had gorgeous ginger hair with a tint of blonde. Her face so soft, as soft as a baby’s blanket. She was wearing a plum coloured dress made out of sheep’s wool. I was about to say something to her, then…Bang she was gone. I wondered if I was dreaming. I pinched myself. OUCH! I looked bymy side, she had really gone.




There I was, standing on the highest point of Northumberlandia. There were thunder clouds not far from my head. I could hear the wind whistling and the thunder roaring. It echoed through me. As I looked to my right, I saw a mother running with her child. The mud under my feet was soaking through my shoes. I looked down and the ground started to shake. As I looked back up again, I saw a huge army, charging towards me! At the front of the army was a beautiful woman. She was covered in flower tattoos and shining amulets. I realised it must have been Northumberlandia.






I’m standing on the top of Northumberlandia. I hear the clash of lightening and rain pattering on the ground, trees are rustling. Northumberlandia has just been buried yesterday. I am part of her tribe. Suddenly, in the mist, a figure appears. I feel something underneath me, under the ground. I turned round and Northumberlandia was there. I said, “I thought you were dead.” Northumberlandia replied, “I am, I am now a spirit.” Suddenly, Northumberlandia disappeared. I looked down to see if there was a hole underneath me. There wasn’t. My tribe had betrayed me. They were all around me with their weapons…






Standing on top of the grassy hill, I see the sunbeams gleaming down on me. I felt warm and cosy. Underneath my feet lay the stony path that led me around Northumberlandia. I glided through the air, cutting it as I was moving gracefully. There were flocks of birds flying towards me like an army. There were lots of gloomy figures over the horizon. Suddenly, as quick as a flash, the birds began tweeting, the wind was whistling. It made the trees rustle rapidly. They started to walk slowly towards me. I started to see the details on the mysterious figures. I heard a loud rumble. The earth started to shake. A massive staircase appeared right in front of my eyes. The wind was still blowing around me viciously. Unfortunately the wind blew me and I fell down the stairs.

After thirty minutes, which seemed like an hour, I opened my eyes. I saw absolutely nothing, it was pitch black. Then I realised I was inside Northumberlandia. I found a torch and turned it on. I suddenly tripped over something. I looked at it with my torch and I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was the Princess of Northumbria. She was a warrior, a leader and a princess.




Standing on the summit of Northumberlandia on a cool, overcast day, my ears twitch at the sound of a lark ascending. I can hear the grass rustling in the breeze. To the north I can see the big, jagged shape of Simonside and to the east all that is visible is the vast blueness of the great North Sea. The ground rumbles as if the six thousand year sleep of Northumberlandia has been disturbed by the local mine.

The ground rumbled some more! Louder, this time. Rumble, rumble, rumble. Suddenly, the floor gave was. I fell! Falling, falling, falling, as if from heaven to hell.

Thud! Ooooowwwww! Man, that hurt! I opened my eyes thinking it must have been an illusion. I looked around. Where am I? Late seventeen hundreds? Naa, way before that. I took a walk around. Everywhere I went people were giving me devilish glares. Someone gripped my shoulder. I couldn’t see him but the last thing I remember was hearing the words “Come-with-me!”






I am on the highest point of Northumberlandia. There is total silence. A flock of birds fly past me. As I turn around, I hear the frost crunching under my feet and I can see big hills in the distance. I turn back to my previous stance. Then I feel the ground move. Northumberlandia’s nose caves in. Where I am standing caves in. I go deep down. I can hear a noise but it goes silent. There are tunnels then the sound comes again so I follow the sound. When I turn the corner. I see Northumberlandia and her tribe worshiping a god. I have no idea which god it was, but worshiping it. Then a tribesman turned. They were skeletons. He looked straight at me and said “Siga Vor”. It must be Norse.






Standing on the top of Northumberlandia I feel a frosty wind swirling around me, nearly pulling me off my feet. The blistering cold air has just about made me freeze on the spot. Looking around I hear the sky lark make a beautiful noise and once the sky lark has gone it is back to hearing the cars on the road and people talking. I see people having fun and walking around the hills. The stone was very bumpy and hard; it was like walking on ice. But once you got to the top of the hill, it was worth it. When you went back down you felt the grass rustling on your feet. The car made the ground was shaking, I could hardly stay on my feet. I looked around and there was Northumberlandia. When I took a proper look she had a permanent painting on her body, she had a silver sword that was decorated with beads.



I am standing on top of Northumberlandia. The wind is rushing past me like a pack of deer. It is a dark, gloomy day with the clouds swirling all around. The clouds are low with lightening everywhere. There is rumbling all around my feet from all the thunder. It’s like she is coming back to life, like the thunder and lightning are disturbing her slumber.

I could hear her in my head like she is coming back to life. The thunder and lightning is getting worse and worse. The wind is heavy? making me go up in the air. Suddenly there was a big flash and it stood and fell over.





I’m standing on the top of Northumberlandia. It is so windy and stormy, but I cannot understand because it is still sunny. In front of me is misty mountains also the ground keeps getting colder and there is an earthquake right underneath me. The wind keeps getting heavier until the point it is a tornado and takes me off my feet and starts taking me somewhere. Magical with colour following me north, east, south and west.   And then a cold shiver ran down my spine and a beautiful flock of birds like a group of fish flew right at my face. After the birds flew past, the tornado dropped me right on my feet on a tall mountain at the tallest point. In front of me was more mountains there was a warrior who also was a queen stood right in front of me and told me she was called Northumberlandia with a crown on and jewels hanging from here, a woollen coat and a necklace with an beautiful charm hanging from her coat.


The next day everyone was saying Northumberlandia had died and they buried here right under the mountains and the wind started again. It was the tornado. The ground froze and there was an earthquake. The tornado picked me up and carried me away back to the tallest point of Northumberlandia and the made the queen the way she died.





Standing on the top of Northumberlandia, there was an overcast, it was swirling round and round like a tornado. Over the horizon, there was a vast sunset, setting on the sea. It was lapping against the beach. Next to this beautiful beach, there was a dark damp mist heading straight for me. It appeared to be coming from a massive forest. The trees were gnarly and the flower was muddy. It was weird.

When all of a sudden, the ground shook. It was like a volcano was erupting until I saw in the distance a bright light. It looked amazing but who was this light or what was it looked as bright as the sun. It was getting closer and closer until wit was right next to me. “Hi” I said in a curious way.







Standing on the top of Northumberlandia, the beautiful summer sun, sky darkened down and became a horrid swirly storm. I was petrified but suddenly, I could see the other people sinking into the ground. So I started to run and run and run as fast as I could. Finally, I made it out of the hills but as soon as I did, I turned around and I saw a figure…Was it a woman? Or was it a man? Was it floating? Or did it have wings? Was it a bird? Or was it a plane? It looked really strange. Who is that man/woman? And what is he/she doing? Then, the figure came closer and closer. Then she/he said, “I’m Northumbria, Princess of this…thing.” But then she said “Charge!” A flock of birds came charging towards me. The picked me up and took me to Northumbria. What will happen to me? I thought. Northumbria breathed on me then said, “Get out and never come back.” I said yes, but inside I was so scared I nearly died. I kept the promise that she said. I never returned to that place again. I’ll never tell anyone because the same thing might happen to them. I wrote this story so someone reads it.




“Hello” a soft gentle voice whispered. I span around as quick as my legs could take me. I saw an amazing figure standing in front of me. It was Northumberlandia. She had long, magnificent, curly red hair and a dress made of sheep’s wool She had beautiful flowers and patterns painted on her skin. “Come with me,” she explained.






Standing on the hard gravel, I can see birds flying around my head and animals running away from other animals chasing them. There is a blistering hot sun beaming down on me as I am walking along. The birds above me aren’t any ordinary flock of birds. There aren’t many different birds e.g.: robins, blue jays, blackbirds, seagulls, wood pigeons, normal pigeons, parrots, love birds, budgies, macaws, kiwis, canaries etc.

As I was standing on the top of Nortbhumberlandia. I saw the views, they were fantastic. The sea was bluey-green and the skies were bright blue! Even the trees looked glori9ous as they were light green and they stood out from everything else. As I was walking around I was amazed at the sights all the trees, the green grass, the sea…




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