Prequels and Sequels

At Year 8 Book Group we’ve been looking at plot and what a story needs to have to make it work.  We have talked about how most stories have these four elements:

Setting – the background to the story, where it’s set and what has happened so far.

Problem – the issue the characters have to sort out.

Climax – how this comes to a head.

Denouement – what happens in the end.

We’ve been thinking how the plots of the books we have read recently fit into this pattern.

Today we used our model of how plots work to make up our own plots.  We thought about books we like or have read recently and tried to think of the plot of a book which could be a prequel or a sequel to it.

These are some of the ideas people came up with!

The Lord of the Rings Sequel by Ben

The ring of power lands on a ledge. Sauron’s cousin takes over the world and eats Frodo. Sam discovers and bow and a black arrow and then shoot Sauron’s cousin in the heart and kills him. Sam tells Frodo’s family and gets money for killing Sauron’s cousin.


Wonder Prequel by James

When August was born, what he was like before surgery. August has facial deformities and his parents don’t know what to do.


Wonder Sequel by Lewis

August become a teenager. He fancies Summer but Summer fancies Julian. Julian comes back to school but becomes nicer and starts hanging out with August. August becomes suspicious and tells him mum. His mum becomes over-protective and stops him from going to school. Julian goes to August’s house to see what is wrong. They become very good friends. Summer goes out with August.


Code Name Verity Prequel by Leon

Julie’s plane crashes in France. She is lost and doesn’t know how to convince people she is German. She gets knocked over by a truck because she forgets that cars drive on the other side in France. She is captured.


Agent 21 Prequel by Declan

Mother and father actually employed by Michael, spying on “Calaca” in Lagos. They find out that Calaca is going to kill someone. They find the man and warn him. Calaca finds them in the guy’s house. He chases them and they escape. They go to the Intercontinental. Calaca slips poison in the drinks. Everyone dies. Calaca flees.


Wondering: A Wonder Sequel by Will

He gets sick of people telling him he looks different so he wants to travel the world to find a perfect place to live. But he doesn’t know where to go. So he travels around. He then finds someone else like him, falls in love and lives there forever.




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