The Incubator of Dreams

Lewis came up with this title, I’ve started this story, and Leon has carried it on.  Can anyone add the next part?



The Incubator of Dreams

The city existed without dreams, no day-dreams, no nightmares, no dreams at night to keep you warm. No one missed them; no one could remember a time before when dreams filled everyone’s lives.

This all began when Metro won power to the city, four years ago. But are the two events linked?  Surely not! Now the day Metro won power was memorable, but not for the right reasons.  It was a gloomy day in Dreamville, the first one in years.  Everyone was talking about the dreams they had when they were sleeping, some about the war, others about families, and the rest a range of random things from apples to babies.  Then announcement about Metro winning power was released, and suddenly everyone forgot about their dreams, and the city fell silent.  Birds stopped tweeting, babies stopped crying, but most importantly, everyone’s dreams disappeared. Thunder crackled as the new leader of the city made a speech.


And this is what he said………



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