Kids Lit Quiz 2015

Richard Coates School took two teams of four children from Year 7 and 8, and two fantastic subs, to the North East heat of the Kids Lit Quiz.  We had a wonderful afternoon answering more than a hundred questions on children’s books.  The teams did really well, winning spot prizes and round prizes.  Our Year 8 team came fourth out of more than thirty schools!  Well done to everyone!

Kids Lit Quiz 2015 006 Kids Lit Quiz 2015 007 Kids Lit Quiz 2015 008 Kids Lit Quiz 2015 009 Kids Lit Quiz 2015 010 Kids Lit Quiz 2015 011 Kids Lit Quiz 2015 012 Kids Lit Quiz 2015 018 Kids Lit Quiz 2015 020



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2 responses to “Kids Lit Quiz 2015

  1. Guess Who

    I’m incredibly worried that there is no trace of any discworld recommendations on the library page, although the Mortal Engines books are a step in the right direction, but Philip reeve said he’d rather people didn’t refer to them as the hungry city chronicles, as that was just for publishing. Those poor children in the library now, while also being bored without us to entertain, can’t enjoy discworld. Also, has Dr C been detained yet? I still can’t sleep at night knowing he’s no longer within the barred windows of your library.

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